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Meow >(^-^)< The Lady Skyy Katt RavenTail

2011-12-03 13:43:29 by LadySkyKattRavenTail

It's been ages since ive had the chance to get back on here but this Skyy Kitty is finally back . Ive been working on new art work and putting together several series of drawings ...

I will post more of them as soon as i can....But for now here is a piece that i drew for my Angel Of Hope Series....It is an original hand drawn piece entitled '' A American Warriors Prayer'' . (Medium : Hand drawn on a large posterboard sheet and inked with my basic black pen collection -medium , large and fine tipped )...

Enjoy ! And feel free let me know what you guys and gals out there think ..

>(^-^)< Skyy

Meow >(^-^)< The Lady Skyy Katt RavenTail


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